Customer Experience Test

Take the test to check how good you are in adding excellence to the experience for your customers.

It will help you define your current standing point and future actions.

  • 1Customers’ demands are always staying the same.
  • 2We don’t need a platform to manage our customers. We always know what they do/want/need.
  • 3We rely on value-added services to create differentiation.
  • 4Setting the pricing policy that customers agree with is a complex process and requires a thorough analysis of customers’ behavior.
  • 5We don’t need to have a complete profile view of our customers to make important decisions.
  • 6To be better in what we do, we need to know the tariff simulation our competitors create.
  • 7It’s easier and better to manage the customers when clustered and grouped into various segments.
  • 8We never understand what we should do next about our customers’ experience.
  • 9When we engage our customers, we always provide relevant, personalized information.
  • 10We understand our customers by proactively seeking traditional and social web feedback, following up with immediate action.

A quick test to check if you know how to provide perfect experience.

Take it now!