The telecom industry has never been more dynamic and challenges have never been more complex:


  • Increase loyalty and reduce the churn rate
  • Increase the Average Revenue Per User
  • Know and understand customers’ changing demands
  • Provide the services that the customers want
  • ... and so on!



Crystal Qube™ gives an answer to all of this, as it provides a unified cockpit to keep the control over your customers' experiences of the services you provide!


In a very smooth manner you learn all about your customers: which service/product they choose, when they choose it, why they choose it.

Crystal Qube is very useful because of the: 

  • A 360° powerful view of your customers’ profile and behavior
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Operational cost reduction by enhanced customer care and process automation
  • Focused campaigns
  • Highly secured platform for external and internal communications
  • Effective data integration with other systems
  • Managed environment


With Crystal Qube™ you know what your customers need before they even share it. And that is how you become the leader in a business environment where high user expectations lead the way.

We can build you a pilot version with your real data in 15 days.

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